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Cell Simulator

Growing Cell Programs...

Section 1: Getting Started

  1. Installation
  2. Running a simple program

Section 2: Writing Cell Programs

  1. Conditions and Transitions
  2. Chemical Diffusion
  3. Cell Induction
  4. Cell Programming Language
  5. Programming a sphere
  6. Programming a cylinder [not yet available]
  7. Creating structures [not yet available]
  8. A programming exercise: The Mickey Program [not yet available]

Section 3: Cell Simulator Architecture

  1. High Level [not yet available]
  2. Parsing Cell Programs [not yet available]
  3. System Model [not yet available]
  4. Cell Model [not yet available]
  5. Sim File Parsing [not yet available]

Section 4: Modelling Systems and Cells

[not yet available]

Section 5: Writing Applications

[not yet available]
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